AI Powered Pricing and Discounts

Grow your revenue with a pricing strategy executed and optimized by AI.

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Simple, yet powerful features

Intelligent Algorithm

Pricing experiments done wrong can be expensive - the model ensure experimentation costs are kept low while maximising learning

Controlled Experiments

Experiments are automatically configured and executed within a set of constraints that you control

Automated Reporting

All statistical robustness is taken care of, leaving you to focus on the results

Context Aware

The model understands seasonality and traffic changes, so you can keep working without worrying about the effect

User Insights

Understand what drives the way that users perceive the value of your prices

Easy Integration

Connect via our Shopify app, or developer API for custom cases

Start experimenting with your prices and increase your revenue

The Problem

Optimizing prices and discounts is difficult. Better offers can increase conversion, but harm margin, so it can be hard to figure out if your changes are ROI-positive. Email is the primary channel used but most visitors to your site don't give you their contact details. There must be a better way ...


Curvature's AI Pricing & Discounting Modules

Each of our modules is designed to specifically optimize the pricing and discounting opportunities for your store.


AI Discounts

Realtime discounts, personalized for each shopper, balancing boosting conversions with maintaining margin.

AI Upsell

Push your shoppers and boost your average order value with AI selected upsell offers.


Get in touch to get early access to one of our upcoming modules.

AI Price Experiments

Running pricing experiments is tricky - you need to systematically test different combinations and analyze the results. Let our AI do it for you.

AI Email Capture

Stop giving away 10% to every new customer! Our Email Capture AI keeps the signups rolling in but with a reduced impact on your profit margin.

AI Free Shipping

Find the perfect free shipping threshold for your store, then offer AI selected shoppers bonus free shipping in realtime.

The Curvature Platform

Curvature is packed with features that make using the platform easy.

Easy & Reliable Setup

Integration is simple with our Shopify app. Once you install the app, follow our step-by-step guides to set up the different modules on your store. You set the limits and constraints, so you're always in control.

Simple integration via the Shopify app
Automatic management of prices and generation of discounts
Official Shopify APIs utilised throughout
Styling to match your shop

Analyze Revenue Uplift & ROI

When you change your prices and offers, it can be really difficult to calculate the impact. Did the offer increase revenue? How much did you canablise existing sales? Can you be sure of statistical signficance? What role are other factors like seasonality playing? Let the Curvature AI uplift engine handle all that complexity for you, and focus on taking action on the results.

Uplift and significance calculated using Bayesian statistics
Automatic control group ensures uplift is incremental

Stay in Control

Worried the AI will discount too heavily and commit to orders that don't help your business? Our curated set of controls and configuration ensure that you never go out of your comfort zone with the prices offered.

Configure maximum discount overall or by product
Whitelist/blacklist certain products for discounting
Whitelist/blacklist certain visitor types e.g. return customers
Throttle % of visitors that see discounts

What our customers are saying

"Incredible Value"

The Curvature team provided an incredible amount of value and were easy to work with.

Matt Schkolnick
Founder at Pepper

"Experts in the field"

Experts with so much experience in the field. Proactively find the edge cases and implement systems to handle them.

Marlon Misra
CEO at Portal

"Tons of Clarity"

Set things up in a way that gives me tons of clarity and helped us resolve significant misunderstandings.

Khadesha Okwudili
Founder at Agapé

A Credible Partner

Official Shopify Partner

Being a Shopify Partner allows Curvature to access and handle merchant data in a secure and robust way by using Shopify's supported APIs.

Backed by Innovationsfonden

Curvature has received funding from Innovation Fund Denmark, which supports innovative technological projects.